Silesia PArty 5 – wyniki

C64 Demo
1 Apparatus by Lepsi De, Miracles
2 Dream Travel 90% by Samar Productions  
3 Inside 2 by Arise
4 I Love The Cube 85% by Samar Productions
5 Dead Signal by Elder0010  
6 BITS#1007 by BITS  

C64 4K 
1 You’re Just My Type by Arise  
2 Run Dude Run by Albion Crew  

C64 Music
1 Puddingstone by Randy
2 Antimasterpiece by Randall  
3 Dump Draxco by Conrad
4 High Five by Klax  
5 Isotronic by Surgeon  
6 4PIT by K7
7 Tonight We Murder by Wacek  
8 Abused Semitones by Jakim  
9 Gravity Force by G-Fellow  
10 Wicked Doll by Data  
11 Charlene (I’m Right Behind You) by Moogle Charm

C64 Graphics
1 Shatter by Clone
2 Water by Joe  
3 Please Go Away! by Bimber  
4 Fly by Isildur  
5 The Magical Smoker by Crayon 9
6 When The Last Tear Falls Down, Nothing Gets Washed Away by Wacek  
7 Mono(C) by Uka
8 Cruellita by Odyn  
9 Sprocket by Joodas  
10 The Last Cruise by Cobra  
11 Suczka by Roody  
12 Butterfly Women by Questor  

WiLD Demo
1 Bleeding Ink by Arise
2 Surykatka by Kenji
3 Fantasia by Kenji


1 This Voice by Data (Music)

C64 Sample Music
1 9:59 To Silesia by V-12
2 Busty Cactus by Data

C64 2SID
1 Dubstep’s Passe by Arise

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