Nowa wersja CCS64 3.8

Dwa dni temu – 20 marca 2010 – ukazała się nowa wersja popularnego emulatora – CCS64. Do pobrania ze strony: lub też u nas w dziale Downloads.

– FIX: Fixed a bug in the sprite-to-sprite collision-detection register.
– FIX: Fixed a bug with the ´Windows´ menu Options -> Video behaviour.
– FIX: Made the graphics-drawing routines multi-threaded, for better performance.
– FIX: Fixed a bug which caused the QuickLoad/QuickSave features to hang.
– ADD: Two new Filter options, called CRT Television and CRT Monitor, which work only with the Window 2x screen mode and not with any other non-default video settings. These new Filter options include the after-lightening effect.
– INF: CCS64 V3.7 was compiled with Visual Studio 2008, which led to an in-compatibility with Windows 98/ME, but greater compatibility with Windows 7; when previous versions were compiled with Visual Studio 2005, this had the opposite effect.

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