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« dnia: 30 Październik 2017, 19:12 »

We're back :) Rules are upgraded a bit after #1.

Many dreamed about creating own sequeal of favourite game (mainly sitting by C64 turning screw in datasette and breaking joysticks). Some games shipped with editor built-in, usually allowing to feel like an creator at least for a moment. Unfortunately there was rarely possibility to make self-containing executable out of prepared game so some assembly language knowledge was important. Despite that to this day many amateur sequels/mods appeared, most of them being Boulder Dash with new levels.

To face modded games fan base, we would like to invite you to take part in C64 Power Game Mod Compo. Here are the rules:

- Competition entries can be send up to 1 June 2018.
- To finally judge we need at least 5 works.
- Game can be prepared with already avaiable generic editor allowing to make entire (like SEUCK, Creations, Game Maker), but those games will score lower. We allow using editors to games already released (eg: Boulder Dash, Kikstart 2, Repton 3, Traz, Mr. Robot, Rad Ramp Racer, Breaker, Breakout Construction Kit, Gotcha)
- The more creative you are the more you score. Overall effort/effect counts.
- On C64 Power site there is forum for participants (you can ask for help).
- There must be visible line of text containing: “C64 POWER GAME-MOD COMPO” in-game if possbile. If not you can add this line in depacker or just add a text screen with that information.
- Executable game should be sent as emulator runnable image to raf[m@il]c64power.com .
- Game should come with some docs containing history of making modification. You can do it as a executalbe not on C64 too. You should describe modifications (you don't necessarily need to go deep into tech things, just list them)
- New level set is sufficient to name game modified. Exchanging only sprites or music is not considered a MOD. Organizers reserved their right to disqualify a game if it's modifications are marginal.
- If you are in trouble we offer help.
- We reserve rights to adjust rules during competition if there is *REALLY* need to do so.
- Games will be presented during Silesia Party 9 and we expect audience to vote for games during this event.

We hope to gain some prizes for C64Power, we will be informing you.

Our mission is to encourage fans to creatively continue C64 games. Have fun! But there is also possibility to improve your skills and knowledge about Commodore.

Some modded games you can take as inspiration:

- Żulder Dash/Tropyx
- Traz III/Tropyx
- Giana Sisters Collection/Apidya
- FlaschBier 2007
- “Arno Dash” series (and other Boulder Dash clones)
- Aargh Krakout
- Championship Sprint

Games released during C64Power Game Mod Compo #1: http://csdb.dk/event/?id=1920
Coltfire by Jens Engel         
Brain Delicacy by Dr Guru         
Kikstart 2012 by Tropyx         
Nibbly 2012 by Bimber         
Power Dash by Cobra, FMan, Lolita, Mikra, Raf, Ruter, Stary Marabut, Uka, V-12, ZSOM         
Crazy Dream 10 by LogicDeLuxe         
Kolony Mod [polish] by Mikra

Editors/games with built-in editor:
- Activision GameMaker
- Arkanoid Level editor
- Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory
- Boulder Dash Construction Kit
- Kikstart II
- Gotcha!
- Krakout Construction Kit
- Pinball Construction Set
- Breaker
- Breakout Construction Kit
- Rad Ramp Racer
- Repton 3
- Traz
- Adventure Construction Set

Ultimately - we encourage to make new games without using existing editors.
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